Tyros 3 Patch Finder

If you are working with a MIDI file that has patches for a Tyros 3 and you don't have access to the keyboard, this utility can help identify the patch. Once you have retrieved the sound, you can select a similar patch for the device assigned to the MIDI channel.

Open the track data in a list view and isolate the midi controllers. If your DAW fully supports midi data handling, you'll will see the data values for CC #0, CC #32 and Program Number. (In Reason you might see this data as unsupported track automation!) For example, a 'MIDI List View' in Cubase will list the controller data for that track. Enter the data values for the three fields, click the 'GO!' button (appears when all three fields are present) and it will return the patch name that was assigned to the Tyros.

The data for this utility was specifically written for a Tyros 3 and covers Panel, Legacy, GM and XG patches. If you have a different model Tyros, you might still be able to identify the GM and XG values as they should be standard.

 (To avoid errors, the fields are activated sequentially: CC#0 must be present before you can enter CC#32, and the same for Program Number)