Tips & Tricks

A series of tutorials covering various aspects of audio, video and image editing which can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.
Yamaha Tyros 3 Patchfinder

A useful search utility to locate and identify patch names for a Tyros 3 by entering controller and progam number values

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Keyswitching in Reason

A simple way to create a keyswitching device in Reason, using the Combinator and a couple of Thor synthesizers

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Sandblasted Stencilled Text

This technique uses Affinity Photo to recreate the effect of sandblasting stencilled text onto a clear layer of glass.

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FFmpeg Fades & Trimming

Easily apply fades to any video using the FFmpeg command line utility. Isolate streams and trim the overall video duration.

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Wavelab EQ Matching

Voxengo Curve EQ in Wavelab  corrects and matches an EQ to another reference. Apply saturation and limiting.

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Cubase 5.1 Surround Editing

Create a 5.1 group track in Cubase to reduce the dynamic range of a DTS Surround audio file and mix down to stereo

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