EQ Matching in Wavelab

There are many ways to approach achieving or fixing an EQ for an audio track or production. When mastering an album, one of the most important things to get right is a consistent EQ across the range of tracks or songs. This can often be a very time consuming process and requires significant listening and back and forth editing to get it right.

The digital audio editing domain has made the process of audio production much more efficient in many respects. One of those is the ability to capture a suitable EQ curve and match it to a single file or an album of tracks. The Voxengo Curve EQ   plugin is a useful tool to apply EQ matching to material that needs either fixing or matching to an established EQ curve.

Steinberg's Wavelab  is generally regarded as the industry standard audio editing and mastering application for modern audio production. It ships with the Voxengo Curve EQ plugin and that makes editing EQ curves in Wavelab a breeze. In the following video, I take a look at how you can use the plugin in Wavelab to apply a reference EQ to an audio file in a few simple steps. I finish it off by applying a little saturation to the edited file and mastering it to -14 LUFS with the Leveler Multi and Brickwall limiter.