Editing 5.1 Surround in Cubase

The ability to edit and manipulate various different media types within one environment (DAW) is unquestionably one of the major benefits of the digital domain. Having precise control over the content of different media types and being to edit them with absolute precision has driven the production standard of audio and video content to much greater heights. An excellent example of this paradigm is Steinberg's Cubase  - one of their long standing flagship products that has evolved over time to become a powerhouse for digital media production.

In the following three-part video series, I take a look at how Cubase can be put to use to manipulate the dynamic range of a 5.1 DTS Surround audio track, extracted from a video container, and then mixed down to a stereo master.

The video series deals with three main topics:
1. Audio extraction and Cubase preparation
2. Editing in Cubase and mixing to Stereo
3. Compressing the downmix to AAC