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What We Do
Full music production for songs, jingles or backing tracks. We have access to a large library of audio samples, sounds and VSTi's, including include Reason StudiosSteinbergVienna Symphonic Library and East West
Music Production

Audio & MIDI

Trimming, cutting and pasting, EQ matching, loudness balancing, error corrections . . .  just some of the editing operations we provide. If an album doesn't sound quite right, we can EQ match it to sound consistent accros the entire track list.
Audio Editing

From Mono to 5.1 Surround

While there are many freely avaialble tools to convert different audio formats, we ensure the best quality conversion by staying in the lossless PCM domain before applying the change. In doing so the resulting quality retains as much of the bitrate information as possible.
Audio Conversion

Cross Platform Support

We can help with your mixes if they need 'fixing'. We also provide a mastering service to help achieve that 'shine' and 'punch' for a competetive edge.. Steinberg's WaveLab is our mastering app of choice and a remix or mix fix can be done in Cubase Pro 10.5 or Reason Suite
Mixing & Mastering

Shine and Finesse

We can extract the audio soundtrack from video files and downmix a 5.1 Surround track to stereo. We can even replace the audio track with one of your choice as stereo or 5.1 Surround, while balancing the dynamic range of the soundtrack for a more enjoyable listening experience.
Soundtrack Editing

DVD, BluRay Soundtracks

While apps like Handbrake can help with video conversion, they lack the real ability to have complete control over the editing process, for video, audio, subtitles and other streams. We use Final Cut Pro X and FFMPEG to ensure complete control over video editing and manipulation.
Video Editing & Conversion

Trimming, Scaling, Compressing

About Us

The Media Room in Bahrain serves to provide professional and high-quality audio and video services and support for a variety of needs and platforms. We deal with audio production, formatting, mixing & mastering, editing, video extraction and management, and various media control and manipulation requirements.

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We provide professional high quality media services and support for audio and video.

We work with state-of-the-art production and editing tools and apps to ensure that only the best quality production standards apply to audio and video content. We can also offer training and lessons in music, digital music production and audio editing, as well as various media tools to help with editing and manipulating content and format control. If it's not making sense, we can help clear it up!

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